Professional Services

Psychological Supervision / Consultation

Wendy provides professional consultation services for psychologists, educators and health care workers. Professional supervision is provided in group and individual formats. Supervision involves critical reflection on a group or individual’s own psychological practice. This often includes discussion of specific cases, ethical concerns or work practices. This consultation can be counted towards APS, PBA and AHPRA requirements.

This supervsion can be:

  • One to one peer consultation
  • Group network meetings
  • Supervision towards registration. Wendy is a board approved supervisor and is an experienced provider for provisional psychologists seeking registration with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Educational Consultation

Professional Development for school staff to manage stress or provide programs such as Circle Time to develop emotional literacy.
Preparation of psychological reports for schools, doctors or other professionals.
Consultation with school staff concerning issues such as mental health, student welfare, gifted students, reducing stress and emotional literacy programs.

Consultation with schools to develop anti-bullying strategies and student welfare policies.
Wendy is a trained facilitator in a variety of group programs to support children with grief, anxiety, self esteem and behavioural issues at school and at home.

Consultation is also available with school staff on issues such as:

  • Gifted education, acceleration and student welfare
  • Mental health
  • Learning difficulties
  • Reducing stress
  • Bullying