Wendy specialises in three areas: Counselling, Assessment and Consultation and Supervision. We also offer a range of Group Programs.

Psychologists are concerned with the way people feel, think, act and interact. As a registered psychologist, Wendy specialises in the identification, treatment and prevention of a wide range of psychological and general health concerns in children, adolescents and adults. Some clients have a mental illness but many clients are mentally healthy people who require assistance to facilitate change, to solve problems more effectively and to move forward towards their goals.

Wendy’s treatment strategies are reliable and scientifically based. Psychologists use many different approaches for different counselling situations. Wendy uses brief-solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing. Counselling sessions are usually about one hour in length, initial consultations and assessment sessions may be longer. The number of sessions required will vary and is negotiated with each client.

Psychologists provide a safe, supportive and confidential environment for discussion. The Psychologists Registration Board and Australian Psychological Society have strict requirements that protect your confidentiality and privacy. Any information provided to psychologists is confidential and cannot be disclosed without the client’s consent. If you require information to be passed on to your doctor, lawyer or to your child’s school you will be consulted first and asked to sign a consent to release information document. There are some legal limitations to confidentiality which will be discussed during your first session.